We care for all we design & make

Product Care

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We strongly encourage our customers to take care of their pieces when worn daily. While we love our matte metal finishes, it's important to note it comes with extra care...

Will they tarnish?

Any piece(s) made out of brass with plating or coating will not tarnish, but plating may fade off over time in circumstances of interaction with chemicals and secretions.  The best way to keep them in top shape, gently wipe it with polish cloth or clean with lightly diluted soap (if greases found), follow with rinse then air dry. 

For piece(s) made out of sterling sliver, they will react differently from the type of plating,  Rose Gold may need extra care, although anti-tarnishing agent has been applied to our pieces, we cannot guarantee their longivity.  Simply follow as above.

Some piece(s) are finished with color coating, these are made from a process of spray paint, coating and heat treated, finishing could wear off.  Also, finishing may chip if scratch by sharp objects.  we have spent much effort on our finishing and have rarely experienced customer complaints.


To prolong the life of your favourite piece(s), try to avoid wearing the pieces during swimming, exercising, showering......etc., chemicals and secretions are major causes from keeping them in good shapes.